Impact Day

The impact day is a co-creation methodology created to develop triple impact solutions. Focused on companies and organizations that seek to develop programs or business units that have an impact on social development or aligned business models that contribute to sustainability and impact.

It is a way to create impact solutions with the help of allies and referents. This is developed based on a previous diagnosis. All this allows to capitalize the knowledge and the capacity of the organization, to design together answers that allow the company to take advantage of the context of the new economy and market opportunities with creative and innovative ideas.


For those companies that want to generate innovation processes with their team or in their production units, Koga offers advisory services and activities to detonate innovation, through co-creation and design thinking workshops, context analysis, market and stakeholders, activities inspiring, among others. Our consultancies incorporate the talents and capabilities of the company’s personnel and enhance the knowledge and competitive advantages of the sector.

A service designed to the needs of each company. We want to define and strengthen the purpose and identity of each company, beyond the economic benefit, seeking to create the best companies in the world and the best companies for the world.

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