There are many ways to make your company an agent of change. One of them is supporting and promoting initiatives that empower entrepreneurs throughout the country. Learn about some of them!

Incubation / Aceleration:

Become the main support of a startup, by being the main investor of their incubation and / or acceleration program. You can mentor people who want to strengthen their financial projects and turn them into a sustainable, profitable and scalable venture.


Transformadores is a 6 month training held together with Paraguay Trade Fairs. We are looking for companies that want to support the formation of future entrepreneurs through the financing of scholarships or half scholarships, offering them the opportunity to expand their networking and make future alliances.


Bootcamp is our fast training program for startup entrepreneurs. The idea is to provide two days where we teach them skills and tools that give them the ability to successfully take the first steps of a new venture. We work with companies that want to support early stage projects and expand their networking.

Innovation contests

Innovation competitions are excellent opportunities for those who have an idea. The companies that believe in these initiatives have been a crucial support to understand the new way of doing business.