Our story

Our story begins in 2012, when a group of 4 young entrepreneurs discovered the concept of social enterprise and then decide they want to change the way things were being done.

They knew that if each of them created their own company, the impact would not be very big and the transformation they were looking for would not exist.

They then managed to create KOGA, a venture that intends to be a multiplier of companies with meaning, to foster an ecosystem of entrepreneurial impact, proposing a new way of solving problems and installing in the imagination of people the possibility that a company can be profitable and have a positive impact on the environment and society.

What do we do at Koga?

We empower people and develop entrepreneurial skills by investing time and money in them and in the companies that are creating change and impact.

With the long-term goal of collaborating in the construction of an ecosystem of impact enterprises in Paraguay, in KOGA we look to verify that entrepreneurs are agents of change, capable of improving the quality of life of people and communities.

The way we work

The business model we work with takes the form of a funnel.

No matter where the entrepreneurs are in their projects (only the idea, the foundation, some knowledge about entrepreneurship, etc.) KOGA offers them necessary tools so they can become a reality and at the same time they can transform the lives of others in the community to which they belong.

Advisory Board

Roberto Galeano

Liu Ficorilli

Santiago González

Oliver Stanley

Luciana Troche

Giovanna Sacarello

Andrea Burt

Sofi Rojas

Oscar Sánchez

María Glauser

Octavio González

Fabi Mersán

Ambassadors Network