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Trampolín is our platform for social innovation contests
which seeks to promote the creation and strengthening of impact ventures in the country.

Our mission is to inspire and provide the necessary tools
so that people can develop their social projects
which respond to the needs of their communities.

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Call & Selection

Second Phase

Workshop & Validation

Third Phase

Demo Day

Fourth Phase

Incubation & Training

Fifth Phase

Financing & Scale







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Mboja’o decreases the food waste generated in the gastronomic sector, offering them a food collection service that are in perfect condition to be consumed, but are discarded for sale, and then brought to social dining rooms so that they can be re-used.


Preguntapy is an educational app for smartphones and tablets consisting of trivias or knowledge games about Paraguayan history, geography and culture. It would aim at young secondary and university students to learn, enrich or evaluate their knowledge about our country.


YVY allows us to transform our land into a tool of progress by providing a new form of agricultural production, uniting people who have land, people who have money and people who can produce land with people who need quality agricultural products and throughout the entire year.

Winners of the Edition



Atención a la Primera Infancia Itinerante

Winner of the Edition

Visión hacia el Futuro (Caacupé)

Winner of the Edition


Winners of the Edition

My Nanny

Web and mobile platform that connects parents with staff trained to take care of children. Users are parents and nannies. Parents who need to find professional people to take care for their children in specific periods of time, and nannies, usually young women who study or want to study and need a job to pay for their studies.


The application wants to connect different groups interested in selling, buying, donating or receiving recoverable solid waste, which will allow to know the available options and facilitate the communication between the actors from any smartphone.

Girls Code

The existence of stereotypes normally limits women to develop scientific skills. Girls Code aims to show girls ALL their potential on equal terms.

Winners of the Edition


Digital job exchange to generate job opportunities for people from precarious settlements in poverty and lack of opportunities situations. Vosá wants to be a link that unites communities of employees and employers through the selection of employment and the ideal employee.


Online reservation and management platform for developing, formalizing and professionalizing the management of small and medium-sized hotel establishments through an online booking app, boosting electronic payment and managing multiple sales channels.


Technology platform to manage markets for agricultural products and other artisanal products of organic origin.

Winners of the Edition

PO Paraguay

Online platform for measuring, designing and distributing prosthetics printed in 3D, which was born with the objective of making them accessible to the whole population in an easy and economical way.


Platform that offers integrated celiac services as a real-time food guide with a bar code scanner to facilitate shopping, places to eat and buy suitable products, medical guide, basic care guide, recipes, news and more.


Interactive application for learning Guarani-English languages and vice versa. The intention of the project is to break down information barriers, promoting equal opportunities for thousands of people who only speak in Guarani and at the same time promote Paraguayan culture worldwide.

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